FarmLab Support

Our dedicated FARMLAB support team are trained Laboratory Technicians and Agronomists, who offer 24 hour support to our partner laboratories throughout Africa.

We have developed a smart Quality Control system to ensure results meet the quality criteria. This system automatically checks and approves the quality of results generated by our FARMLABs. The support team gets an alert in case a sample cannot pass the system due to its unique nature or composition. Thereafter, the team manually assess the sample and its data and will instruct the local operators on its next steps.

Soils are very diverse, and it happens occasionally that a soil sample is not recognized by our machine learning system.  We call such samples outliers and they do not generate a report. Our support system will automatically retain these samples for further processing by our accredited reference laboratory in Nairobi. Our reference analysis data for outlier samples helps to continually train and improve our system.

Although FARMLAB can run 100% autonomously, our Support Team is an important and integrated part of the daily operation.