Hydroponic Water Analysis

In addition to your hydroponic substrate, we also offer drip water analysis. By monitoring your hydroponic system at the inlet and outlet points, you can optimise the nutrient application, helping you provide your plants with the nutrients they need without wasting inputs. To understand the nutrient uptake of your plants, we test the irrigation and drain water.

For the irrigation water, we quantify the mineral composition of the water and also screen for possible pathogens and nematodes in your water. This helps you understand what is going into your system and identify which minerals might be limiting.

We also analyse the drain fraction, which gives you an idea of the leaching fraction. This tells you if your system has too much or too little of a given nutrient and allows you to optimise the fertigation system, so your plants are getting exactly what they need with minimum leaching. This improves plant health, which has the knock-on effect of reduced disease pressure.

Finally, we can also test your fertigation inputs, so you can ensure what you think is going into the system, is actually going into the system.