Boron (B) is a nutrient with many factions in a plant growth and development process. Though required in small amounts affects most physiological conditions in a crop.

Boron assists in the uptake of other vital nutrients to plants like Phosphorus and potassium.

Importance in Plants

  1. A key component in plants cell walls forming part of the lignin which offers strength to cell walls.
  2. Essential in plant pollen production and its ability to be viable
  3. Plays a role in carbohydrate metabolism in plants.
  4. Assists in plant respiration process.
  5. Helps with the movement of sugars within the plant.

Deficiency symptoms in plants

Boron deficient plants will experience poor pollination resulting to uneven grain size and filling in cereals. Some will show stunted growth with hollow brittle stems which easily break. Some plant roots will appear poorly formed at times even abbreviated.

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