Calcium (Ca) is one of the secondary nutrients required by plants in adequate amount. It plays a key role in soil pH as well as the health of the plant.

Calcium is important in bringing balance in acidic soils as well as improving soil aeration and drainage. Calcium’s roles in plant development as well cannot be overlooked as well.

Importance in plants

  • Needed in plant cell wall formation as well as cell division.
  • Plays a role in plant disease resistance by strengthening cell wall
  • Activates plant growth regulating enzymes enabling normal development of plants.
  • Assists in flowering and fruit set in fruit crops.
  • Assists in translocation of other plant nutrients within the plant.
  • Assists in converting nitrogen in a form easily taken up by the plants.

Deficiency symptoms in plants

Calcium will be most likely be minimal in acidic soils hence plants growing in such soils will depict various symptoms. Plants will suffer due to excess levels of other nutrients like manganese or Aluminium.

This will greatly interfere with the root development of plants. Plants will depict stunted growth since they are hardly taking up any food.Leaves may appear jointed not easily unfolding in new growth.

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