Sulphur being a major nutrient plays vital roles in plant development processes. It’s only taken up by plants in its soluble form. This is further aided by the microbial activities in the soil.

Cold temperatures in soil can affect its mineralization process hence Sulphur availability. Sulphur is easily leached in soil hence more attention is needed when doing farm operation as irrigating and time of application.

Importance in plants

  • Assists in the formation of starches and sugars in plants by assisting in chlorophyll formation required in photosynthesis.
  • Assists in enzyme activation in plants which trigger or control various developmental aspects in plants.
  • Helps in protein formation in plants by being part of the amino acids compounds.
  • Assists in formation of nodules in leguminous plants
  • Helps improve grain size and quality in cereals

Deficiency symptoms in Plants

Plants may display stunted growth with some having tall and thin stems. Some plants can display off colors like yellowing of leaves the younger and in some cases flowers.

Incidences of cupped leaves will be seen in severe cases. In leguminous plants short pods with poorly formed grins will be seen.In some farms patches of yellow colored plants can bee seen in an irregular pattern.

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