Animal Feed Analysis

Improve Livestock Health And Productivity

Understanding the composition of animal feed can provide nutritional information to help guide livestock feeding strategies. High quality livestock feed is essential for productive livestock, whether you raise them for milking, laying or slaughter.

Using a combination of infrared technology and wet chemistry, we can provide rapid, low cost analysis of livestock feed that includes the protein, energy and mineral content of fodder and feed ingredients.

In addition to the test results, we can also test for mycotoxins and other contaminants, as well as recommend additives that will provide your animals with a healthy, well balanced diet.

Animal Feed Analysis is available in Nigeria, Malawi and Kenya and we are scaling out to other regions.

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Our feed analysis services

Quality animal feed means better milk, eggs and meat as well as happier, healthier livestock. Know what you are feeding your livestock for:

We can provide you with mineral and nutrient analysis for silage, hay and other dry feed given to a wide variety of different animals. Our report will give you a proximate analysis of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, boron, copper, molybdenum and zinc. We also look at energy, fibre, digestibility (NCGD), oil, protein, sugar, starch, ash and dry matter content.

Aflatoxins are toxins produced by fungi that often naturally present in human and animal feed stuffs. The can be found in maize (corn), cereals, peanuts, cottonseed and tree nuts.

High levels of aflatoxin are damaging for both humans and animals. After eating contaminated feed, the toxins accumulate in body fat and can be stored in milk, eggs or muscle. They can lead to weight loss, reproductive problems, reduced growth and even death. Aflatoxins cannot be removed from feed and will survive many processing treatments.

Knowing if your animal feeds is safe will help to protect your animals’ health as well as the health of those who buy your products.

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