Plant Tissue Analysis & Disease Diagnosis

Plant Disease Control

Our Plant Tissue Analysis & Disease Diagnosis provides Informed Targeted Responses To Plant Diseases, a complete picture of the crop challenges growers are facing. Plant diseases have a significant impact on crop performance. Therefore, our Plant Disease Analysis provides farmers with accurate data helping save time, money and safeguarding eventual yields.

We offer:
– Plant Pathology (Disease Diagnosis), which looks at infectious organisms and environmental conditions.
– Plant Tissue Analysis, which assesses the nutrient profile of the plant.

Our Plant Disease Diagnosis & Tissue Analysis is available in Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, and Kenya and we are scaling out to other regions.

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The types of crop analysis we offer

Making sure your plants have the right nutrient balance across all the different growth periods greatly improves the yield potential. To help you optimise yields, we offer the following tests:

Our leaf nutrient analysis monitors the levels of nutrient uptake by your plants. This enables us to diagnose existing nutrient deficiencies and predict other problems that may occur. By monitoring crop nutrient status across the life of the crop, we can help you optimise production and decide on management interventions that will make sure your yields aren’t nutrient limited.

Our plant pathology and nematode screening offers an affordable way of diagnosing diseases for both commercial growers and smallholder farmers. We can screen all parts of the plant including the leaves, roots, fruits and stems, and can diagnose a wide variety of different fungal, bacterial and viral diseases including leaf spots, root rot diseases, mosaic viruses, cankers and wilt. We also screen for nematodes.

In addition to plant tissue, we can also test soils and growth substrates for diseases that will limit your yields. We can also provide practical recommendations, helping you to quickly and effectively take the best corrective action.

In addition to soil-borne pathogens, a common source of plant diseases is contaminated seed. Several important pathogens are transmitted this way, including maize lethal necrosis disease and potato seed viruses, which can cause dramatic yield losses.

We can screen your seed before you plant it, reducing disease pressure and giving you peace of mind before selling it on or drilling large volumes on your farm.

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