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Our flower and hydroponics testing covers the production of crops (mainly flowers) grown in artificial substrates. We offer drip water testing, irrigation water analysis and drain water testing, as well as pumice and cocos substrate analysis.

Our results are ready within 4 days and our high impact fertigation programmes can help you produce top quality produce while reducing your inputs and controlling pests and disease by making sure your plants get the nutrients they need.

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Flower and Hydroponic System Analysis

We offer multiple different tests for your hydroponic system, ensuring you get the best possible advice and helping you design fertigation programs that will lower your overall costs without compromising on quality.

We offer nutrient analysis of the hydroponic substrate you are using to grow your plants. This helps you to ascertain the nutrients available to your plants in the early stages of growth. We recommend substrate analysis before introducing new crops to the media (pre- planting) as well as pathology screening to screen for any pathogenic bacteria.

Once you know your baseline, we can also help you design a fertigation programme to keep your plants healthy right up to harvest.

In addition to your hydroponic substrate, we also offer drip water analysis. By monitoring your hydroponic system at the inlet and outlet points, you can optimise the nutrient application, helping you provide your plants with the nutrients they need without wasting inputs. To understand the nutrient uptake of your plants, we test the irrigation and drain water.

For the irrigation water, we quantify the mineral composition of the water and also screen for possible pathogens and nematodes in your water. This helps you understand what is going into your system and identify which minerals might be limiting.

We also analyse the drain fraction, which gives you an idea of the leaching fraction. This tells you if your system has too much or too little of a given nutrient and allows you to optimise the fertigation system, so your plants are getting exactly what they need with minimum leaching. This improves plant health, which has the knock-on effect of reduced disease pressure.

Finally, we can also test your fertigation inputs, so you can ensure what you think is going into the system, is actually going into the system.

Our fertigation system analysis helps you optimise the fertilizer delivery system that you are using in your greenhouse or as part of the irrigation system on your farm. This analysis helps monitor the nutrient uptake by your plants and can be used to regularly recalibrate the system ensuring you are providing your plants with exactly what they need.

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