Precision farming

Site-specific crop management

We often see crop variations within our fields but still manage them the same….why?? Precision farming is designed to move farmers from blanket field recommendations to within field, site-specific recommendations using tractors with GPS enabled application equipment.

Our precision farming services combines soil mapping with satellite imagery to determine the level of variation in soil properties across each one of your fields. We use this information to identify different management zones within each field, and then provide you with recommendations to help you reach maximum potential in each zones. By combining our agronomy experience with trials data and the latest in precision farming technology, we can help you to rapidly drive up your farm profits.

Our precision farming service is low cost and very simple to implement, and includes the following:

  • Monitor crop performance across your fields using satellite imagery
  • Create management zones based on multi-year crop health trends and soil type mapping
  • Carry out soil sampling and analysis within each management zone
  • Create variable rate prescription maps lime and fertilizer applications
  • Select crop varieties and seed rates based on soil potential
  • Identify areas that are under-performing and use our laboratory services to identify nutrient deficiencies and/or disease threats
  • Advise on GPS and variable rate equipment set up (seeders/spreaders)
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Use our satellite imagery to identify possible issues and monitor your farm with our high resolution satellite imagery that is updated every five days. Benefits include: pin-point areas where your crop or pasture is under-performing, monitor and track your trials and high value crops, save time and money by targeting you plant tissue and soil tests to inform decisions like fertiliser application and irrigation

The Benefits of Precision Farming

Determine the optimal conditions for plant growth using sensors and satellite imagery

Use field and remote sensing to continuously monitor your crops. This offers real-time data to help inform decisions

Use technology to help maximize the cost: benefit ration for plant nutrients, crop protection treatments and irrigation.

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