crop residue

Conservation Agriculture: Benefits Of Leaving Crop Residue On Your Fields

By Jacopo Parigiani, Msc. Water & Land Management As defined by FAO, Conservation Agriculture (CA) aims to achieve sustainable and profitable agriculture and subsequently aims at improved livelihoods of farmers through the application of…
examples of cover crops

Cover Crops Key To Unlocking Soil Fertility?

Cover crops have certainly made it into the mainstream in the last few years. What was known as a “Green Manure” and was seldom seen outside organic farms, is now much more widespread thanks in part to an increasing awareness of soil health…
crop residue

Crop Residue Benefits

Crop residue left on the fields has many known beneficial effects. For one, the residues are used as a nutrition source for soil organisms which slowly break it down into smaller and finer particles which end up constituting soil organic matter.…