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Effective Aphid Control Depends On The Aphid Species

Aphid control measures differ, depending on whether you're dealing with Mealy Cabbage Aphid or the Green Peach Aphid Too often, I receive calls from growers confused by poor aphid control, highlighting why it is vital to correctly identify…
soil analysis

Anne Muturi: How Soil Analysis Has Helped Me Farm With Information

Ann has won many hats in the past from being a student of math and chemistry at university level, an IT professional and an NGO practitioner to her now current occupation which is farming. She’s been farming for the last 3 years and decided…
soil analysis

Fall Army Worm Threat Grows Closer

Reports have been gathering recently about Fall Army Worm, a potentially devastating pest of Maize which has been sweeping from West Africa, down to the South of the continent and now towards us here in Kenya. Originally a pest of the southern…